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The Division of Information Resource Management (DIRM) provides geocoding services by these two methods depending on the customer's needs.

Large Volume Batch Processing
This service is available to State and Local agencies needing to geocode public health related data. The geocoding application was created in the ArcView software from ESRI. The application also uses the Centrus software from Group One to standardize and correct addresses. This application is used internally at DOH to process millions of records each year. Detailed documantation can be found at

A partial listing of geocoded data used at DOH includes; Births, Deaths, Cancer Registry, TB Cases, STD Cases, HIV Cases, WNV Tests/Cases, PHL Test Results, Diabetes Cases, Childhood Lead Exposures, Citizen Complaints, Fred Hutchinson CRC Data, Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, Nursing Homes, Tobacco Retailers, WIC Clinics, WIC Clients, Hazardous Sites, Schools, Drug Labs, Radiation Equipment Licenses, Adult Family Homes, EMS Stations, Fire Stations, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Kidney Dialysis Centers, Blood Centers, Boarding Homes, Daycares, Farmers Markets, Indian Health Services, Medical Testing Labs, Residential Treatment Centers, Farmworker Housing, Prisons and Mass Vaccination Sites.

Web Services Two Web services have been created to provide Web applications with address correction and geocoding functions. These services were created with funding from EPA and collaboration with DOE. The project Web site is available at

These Web services can be tested using these links, Address Correction, Geocoding. Documentation with .Net consumption examples are available from WLF_Services_UserGuide

To request access to the production services contact

The following agencies are currently testing or have applications in production using these Web services:

Proposed Address Standard (6/24/09)


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